Creamiest Mushroom Soup

A couple of weekends ago,  my boyfriend and I attended a wedding where we ate the most delicious portobello steak for dinner. It was grilled as is, bursting with rich mushroom flavor. I've been on a mushroom kick since then, creating recipes left and right. My favorite one has to be this cream of mushroom soup! I was prepared for this to be the first batch out of a couple to perfect the flavor-- BUT, the soup turned out rich, creamy and smooth…just like a Coltrane track. The medicinal properties of this dish include immune support, weight management, cancer prevention and healthy skin promotion! I'll take a bowl of that anytime. 

Cauliflower Crust

[Photo: Adri Law]

Look, you can top this bad girl however you'd like. Give her the fiiixins. Go on. But if homegirl here isn't shown that tender love and care, I can't speak much for the future of said fiiiixins. Is this dialogue completely unintelligible? Have I lost it? The video below explains it all. Okay, back to the crust (these intros are getting a bit strange). This crust is your guilt free, gluten free, vegan dream. It's a pizza, sure, but it's also a complete healer and nourisher. Cauliflower contains sulforaphane, a sulfur compound that has also been shown to kill cancer stem cells. It also boosts heart health and acts as an anti inflammatory. After a couple of tries, I can say I'm very happy with this recipe and the timing required for it. This recipe makes 4 individual sized pizzas. Invite some pals over and have a pizza topping party!!

Rainbow Purifier Salad

[Photo by Adri Law]

I've probably deleted this opener about 4 times since beginning to write it. Everything written has come off very stage mommy. I can't help it if my child prodigy has a mega list of accomplishments and attributes I feel you should all know about. I can't help it if my beautiful child pleases your eyes as much as it nourishes your body. Can we move past this please? Okay, let me set the mood and cue the background music: "Take my breath awaaaayyyyyyyyy…" Hey baby, the Rainbow Purifier is an essential detox salad with a base of red cabbage loaded with vitamin k. Vitamin K promotes mental function and concentration. It's also high in sulfur, a beautifying mineral that produces keratin, a miracle worker for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Concentrate on that.

Coconut Plantain Tacos with Polenta, Kale, and Spicy Chipotle Mayo

Seriously? I feel like this taco made itself. I can only take credit for these ingredients being the only left in my fridge. It's almost as though they knew it was coming. Like, hey sure, that Cuban bowl you bought us for was great and all, but wait a few days later when we're all you've got. See who likes being ignored then. Damn, I love it when she talks dirty. This taco right here has attitude. If I looked and tasted that good, I would too. There's so much more I want to say. You just have to make this right now to understand. I will say this-- it's the sweet tropical coconut fried plantains, light buttery savoriness of the polenta and kale with the spicy chipotle mayo for some kick that create something unforgettable. 

The Southern Sweetie

 Photo: Adri Law

This salad is a bit of alright. Actually, it's everything. It's what summer salad dreams are made of. Filled with protein, fiber, and iron-- this salad is as nourishing as it is delicious. Plus, the colors are so beautiful! What more do you need here? Make it already.